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Avignon theater Festival is taking place right now !

The edition of the Festival d’Avignon is taking place in 2021 : from July 5th to 25th for the Festival In and from the 7th to the 31st for the Festival Off !

After a missed appointment in 2020, the Avignon Festival reveals itself and faces up to it! In the In, it welcomes 400 appointments over 21 days of festival, 82% of creations, 42% of shows by foreign project leaders …

The Festival is the In, it is the Off … it is theater in the street, in the rooms respecting the gestures barriers … limiting the gauges because the / CoVid still requires these unfortunate precautions.

In his editorial that opens the program of this 75th edition, Olivier Py writes:

“What if Culture was not the search for lost time, but the search for time to come? And if we could, through the poem and the meeting of good wills, change what has been, by giving it other consequences? What man needs most is destiny, and politics is poetic when it opens new possibilities for all, especially for those whose destiny has been denied. But who responds to the need for an intimate, inner, secret destiny? It is the poetic that becomes political when it acts on desire, transforms it, gives it form, makes it legitimate, enviable, and possible.”………

Let’s listen to him and let’s give all its place to the culture, the one that has been so lacking in our lives because it could not be embodied. Of course, the heroes of our novels have not ceased to exist. Of course, the leaping spies could still agitate our reduced screens on the window of our restricted spaces. For as much, they, the living artists who make us vibrate on the instant, the technicians also luminous who could only light their lantern in front of so many closed rooms… all, we waited for them. Let’s finally meet them again. Come to AVignon (the accolade of the two capital letters is not fortuitous! :)… Vaccinated or not. Masked and careful above all. But come. Live !