Les Jardins de Baracane

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Les Jardins de Baracane


“After more than twenty years spent travelling the world to buy herbs, spices and dried fruits, my desire to meet people, make them welcome, learn new things from them, share things with them and entertain them just needed an opportunity to express itself. I’d always dreamed of living in a beautiful place where I could welcome travellers from all over the world.
And with Les Jardins de Baracane, my dreams have now come true!

And it was thanks to Laurence, who has since become my favourite estate agent, that I found the house of my dreams...”

Les Jardins de Baracane


“My pleasure, Honey... They say that behind every great man (1m 84☺) there’s a great woman... and that’s me! It’s a pleasure to work with Olivier, that goes without saying... I’m passionate about this region, and that’s why I created ‘Passion Provence’ magazine.”

Les Jardins de Baracane will be the perfect place for creating memories, sharing emotions and providing experiences which will make you want to come back again. Our house is a house for friends, somewhere you’ll feel at home while you’re away.