Les Jardins de Baracane
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Which exhibition would we recommend also ?

Exhibition in the Angladon Museum

From Thursday 2 June to Sunday 9 October 2022, the Musée Angladon is devoting a special exhibition to Henri Matisse.

Le désir de la ligne, the title of the exhibition, focuses on the prints by Matisse acquired by the aesthete collector, Jacques Doucet in particular, and places them in perspective with those of other artists whom the fashion designer collector also appreciated.

A new point of view is offered on the entire career of the artist who was one of the major representatives of 20th century art, a master of colour but also of black and white.

The exhibition brings together around one hundred works on paper, drawings, prints and artists’ books by Henri Matisse: portraits and self-portraits, nudes, odalisques, dancers, cut-out gouaches, etc.

It highlights his printed work, and endeavours to show how drawing is always present and active in this immense colourist, particularly in black and white.

This is a great opportunity to discover or re-discover the Musée Angladon, the one we prefer in Avignon for its collection of works by renowned artists, for the human-sized place that is the collector’s home and for its erudite curator, with her endearing personality.

Do not hesitate to go and visit on behalf of Les Jardins de Baracane.

Le désir de la ligne. Henri Matisse dans les collections Doucet

Matisse peintre