Les Jardins de Baracane
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What to do next week-end in Avignon ?

If you love plants, vegetation and nature… if you enjoy discovering gardens that are a little out of the ordinary… but above all if, like all of us, you are trying to take action against climate change, then Rendez-vous aux Jardins is the place to be!

“Avignon, a land of culture and festivals, is also very committed to preserve the climate and biodiversity…. a city in climate, energy and environmental transition. The Rendez-vous aux Jardins is a nature weekend…” a bit like the Heritage Days, because nature is our primary heritage.

On 3, 4 and 5 June, visit exhibitions in the parks and gardens… Picnic in the gardens with music… Take a break at the Vouland Museum… Where the garden is a refuge… Next to my tree… There is no more season. Between readings, workshops, meetings and guided tours, Avignon turns onto the garden.

The Volubilis association also proposes a free visit of the city, of its marvellous, living, hidden resource… water.

At the Tipi, there is a discovery concert accompanied by a foodtruck to taste what the garden also produces.

Surikat & Co’s agricultural farm in Barthelasse also opens its doors.

Finally, let’s talk about us, we who are participating for the 4th time in this event which gives us the opportunity to present you our little paradise in the city centre, out of sight, our luxuriant garden which protects us from the stifling heat of the city in summer!

So take advantage of the Rendez-vous aux Jardins and let’s meet again!

Rendez-vous aux jardins