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What to do in August in Avignon ?

After the effervescence of the international theater festival, Avignon is holding the 30th edition of its international jazz festival !
From July 15th with some exhibitions up to August 5th with live concerts, the Avignon jazz festival will once again be the place to be for jazz musicians, and a much-anticipated cultural event that draws ever bigger crowds of jazz lovers with each passing summer.
It takes place in the splendid Carmes Cloister.

Two special evening events, entitled Tremplin Jazz d’Avignon, presents young artists in the only European competition in France.

The jazz festival itself offers concerts during 3 to 4 days, featuring French and international musicians leading the way in current jazz. There are also photo exhibitions, conferences and other events.
The Carmes cloister, outstanding architectural heritage, is a magical setting that holds an audience of 500. The cloister setting contributes to the success and the reputation of these memorable musical evenings.

I also have fond memories of discovering a certain Ibrahim Maalouf who came to present his album Diagnostic during an evening at the Avignon Jazz Festival. He had played or rather interpreted and lived this prodigious track called Beirut. This piece, the story of its composition and Ibrahim Maalouf’s interpretation had captivated me at the time and remains one of my favourite pieces, the one that I also passed on to my children!

So, come and discover this exceptional festival where wonderful evenings are held in a privileged place.

2022 programme:
– 15 July to 6 August – Peristyle at the Town Hall: Avignon Jazz Festival photo exhibition, 30 years of images.

– Monday 1 & Tuesday 2 August at 11am: conferences on jazz


– Saturday 30 July: Coccolite / GrandBrothers in partnership with the Festival Résonance

– Sunday 31 July: Shems Bendali / Rhoda Scott “Lady all stars”

– Monday 1 & Tuesday 2 August : Tremplin Jazz d’Avignon European competition

– Wednesday 3 August: Maxime Atger / Structucture / M.O.M

– Thursday 4 August: Soirée La Buissone – Jean-Michel Machado “Pictures for orchestra”

– Friday 5 August – square Agricol Perdiguier: Old School Funky Family

See www.tremplinjazzavignon.fr for more information.

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