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What exhition to see in Avignon ?

“And here come new forms that are perhaps the awakening of very old thoughts. » Jacno

From May 18th to December 14th, 2019, La Maison Jean Vilar, this magical place that vibrates the whole year of the memory of the theater, organizes an exhibition dedicated to JACNO.

Graphic designer, typographer in love with letters, he drew alphabets for many of the projects he led. Some remain unpublished but the most famous have made the heyday of magazine ads, film and theater programs, such as Film, Scribe, Jacno or Chaillot created for the NPT.

He is the man of the three keys on the Avignon Festival posters. The one with whom Jean Vilar will like to work rough graphics for a popular theater.

The art of a paradoxical man, at the same time dazzling and meticulous, timid and reckless, modern and elementary, Jacno who knew how to work for a popular theater as much as for a mark of cosmetics, for the editions of the Ark that for Detective , for the Guerlain perfumes as for the Nylfrance nylons, for the Primior wines but also the Courvoisier cognacs.

This art is the man at his work who can best make us feel it.

This is why Maison Jean Vilar has chosen to show not only its finalized projects but, above all, its first sketches, its rough, free and fruitful preparatory work.
It is perhaps in his studies, his innumerable models, his collages, his bromides and retouched layers, taped then repainted, his rudimentary studies, his admirable drafts that we are closer to his inventive breath.

“It is probably in these beginnings there, that still appears, the presence of his gesture. Jean Pierre Moulères, curator of the exhibition

House Jean Vilar
Place de l’Horloge – Montée Paul Puaux 8 Rue de Mons
84,000 Avignon

04 90 86 59 64