Les Jardins de Baracane
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A deserved Michelin star for Pollen !

He’s one of our favorites…

Don’t tell others, they might be jealous!

But Mathieu, how to put it? …

He is an angel, an UFO, a gift from heaven …

His team ? Birds of a feather flock together !

Professional, authentic people who love what they do, who share it and you can feel it in their plates  through their aesthetic sense as well as though their gastronomic talent.

Mathieu has made daring choices, risky bets… and he continues but he is right, because we will follow him, we, his clients, we who recommend him as much as we can (especially when we also have guests coming !) not only because he delights our taste but also because he pleases us as a human being.

Thank you Mathieu, thank you Pierre, thank you the great team…

And well done for this Michelin star, the first for Pollen… it is well deserved.

In these CoVid times, the Pollen restaurant is closed but offers take-away menus, to be reserved in advance.

You can also find Mathieu Desmarest’s take-away cuisine in the Moloko family canteen, 47 Rue Joseph Vernet in Avignon!

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