Les Jardins de Baracane
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What to see in the Pope Palace ?

From August, 12th to September, 30th at 10.15 pm, discover the Honour Courtyard of the Pope Palace as you have never seen.

This unic show will tell you the story of Avignon from XIIIth century. Audiences at Les Lumissences d’Avignon are immersed in 800 years of history, great periods of Western civilisation. Seeing it in all its majesty, standing proud in the historical heart of Avignon, people often wonder : but what were popes doing here in Provence? Why did they leave the Roman hillsides to come to the banks of the Rhône ?

The monumental video projection, music and story-telling reveal the history of the building, the city and the region like never before. This monumental 360° show let the walls speak, the visitors move and raise the head to see all around. More than 260 000 people have already attend it. Fifteen large-format videoprojectors project breath-taking images onto all four walls of the Honour Courtyard in the Palace of the Popes, the 4th most visited palace in France, by both French and foreign visitors. 

For this 5th season, Bruno Seillier, writer and director of Les Luminessences d’Avignon has concocted new scenes that bring another famous stone character into the story, the legendary Pont d’Avignon.

The Palace of the Popes, in light and sound, takes centre stage for a show unrivalled the world over !

Behind its architecture and stone walls, a secular memory is concealed.  Before revealing its secrets, it beckons everyone to come along one evening, as the darkness swallows up the earth and starlight shines down from the sky.  Only then is it time to raise our heads and feel how small we are. And then, the moment comes when, in the depth of the night, the Palais des Papes finally responds:  “Here I am.  And here’s my story… ».