Les Jardins de Baracane
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What to do in October in Avignon ?

Who said that there is nothing to do after the July theatre festival in Avignon ?

From September 30th to October 22nd 2017, the Parcours of art exhibits leads you through the Pope city. Art meets culture and architecture here.

Contemporary art takes center stage in early autumn with the Parcours de l’Art.

It is the opportunity to discover artists and their work, and discuss directly with the artists. The Parcours de l’Art takes you through the entire city of Avignon where many different venues display many types of art –photography, performance, installation, sculpture, painting, video…

This year’s edition of the Parcours de l’Art presents 26 artists who question form and shape. Shapes that go unseen, shapes that are unexpected and that the artists bring out of the unshaped, introducing a new way of looking at the world. The 2017 Parcours sees itself as a step to the side, the side of the artist, of the spectator, the sidestep that takes you by surprise and enables you to explore the byways. www.parcoursdelart.com