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What to see in October in Avignon ?

From September, 29th to October, 21st 2018 : 33 artists in 14 sites of the city of d’Avignon

24th PARCOURS DE L’ART, a Modern Art exhibition (entrance to exhibitions and events is free of charge)

An interesting way to discover the city and part or all of the cultural activities and contemporary creations located in various places : conferences, meetings, movies, debates, visits, workshops for children.

Full program available at the Tourists office and for more information, please visit the website http://www.parcoursdelart.com or send an email to contact@parcoursdelart.com.

It’s an annual event created to promote and support contemporary creation in its amazing diversity : painting, sculpture, photography… The Parcours de l’Art is also the opportunity to meet the artists and exchange with them on their work.
Every year, the selection of French and international artists gives the public the opportunity to see work that is resolutely contemporary, displayed in heritage venues throughout Avignon. A real “parcours” – itinerary, throughout the city to see the different works in the different venues.

« Voilà, »… is the theme of this 2018 event

VOILÀ… is kind of a summary …VOILÀ… such as a panorama of nowadays creations. 

VOILÀ ! Artists in action.

What is the common trait between

A tree leathe,

A child waving a gun,

The sculpture of a speech,

A couloured scalffolding,

A footprint on a walkway,

A sand house ?

… maybe be nothing but maybe enough to draw up a lively observation from present time artists who are experiencing the world vibrations and flows. 

From one place to the other, tecnics and habits meet, talk, come together and implement each other to get this inventory of dynamic and actual artistic propositions.

This 24th Parcours de l’Art is a dialogue between present artworks and artists in progress.

This year themes are wide, convergent or opposite : nature and environment, urban and plastic elements, archetypes and time, memory and ruin, human and animal representations, objects and words metamorphosis, speeches and world violence.

The artists :

Julien Allègre / Victoria Arney / Laurent Elie Badessi / Emmanuel Bayon / alias Manu Tention / Claire Beillard / Claire Borde / Nicolas Boulet / Juliette Choné / Laurent Delaire / Mélanie Duchaussoy / Pascal Fancony / Joël Gangloff / Laurence Garnesson / Francis Guerrier / Charlotte Gunsett / Hervé Jézéquel / Benjamin Just / Kun Kang / Suzanne Moxhay / Les Nivaux / Karine Portal / Aurélie Poux / Emilie Reynaud-Cochet / Noe Sovage / Patricia Stheeman / Florence Vasseur / Fanny Vierne / Camille Virot / Cora Von Zezschwitz & Tilman / Vanesa WalletHardi / Yoann Ximenes

Various and worth seeing places : l’Église des Célestins, le Cloître Saint Louis, la Maison Jean Vilar, la Chapelle Saint Michel, la Cour du musée Calvet, la Chapelle Saint Michel, le Musée du Petit Palais, le Palais du Roure, l’Hôtel de Forbin la Barben, le Conservatoire du Grand Avignon, la Salle Benoit XII, la boutique RBC, Arts Up, la Maison de la Poésie et l’Ami Voyage…