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What to see this summer : Dali and Gaudi at Carrieres de Lumiere

Dali and Gaudi at Carrieres de Lumières

You are not here in Figueras, nor are you in a museum … you are here in a somewhat unusual space which every year is adorned with works by artists.

This year, and respecting all sanitary measures, the Carrières de Lumières in les Baux de Provence will be illuminated by the famous and unique works of Salvador Dalí.

“Dalí, the endless enigma” looks back on more than 60 creative years of the Catalan master who explored and invented several artistic styles. Open your eyes, and enter the surrealist universe of Dali which illuminates the Carrières de Lumière in Baux de Provence, with Gaudi, architect of the imagination, to the sound of the legendary group Pink Floyd!

Atypical, complex and controversial artist, outstanding and symbolic figure of the 20th century, Salvador Dalí is certainly one of the most emblematic artists of the surrealist movement. Painter, sculptor, printmaker, screenwriter and writer, this Spanish art prodigy broached in his works subjects such as dreams, sexuality, the edible, his wife Gala and religion.

Iconic masterpieces, from Soft Watches to the Face of Mae West through Leda Atomique and The Temptation of Saint Anthony, reveal the talent of Dalí, creator of new languages ​​and unique canvases, inspired by the great masters of painting such as Vélasquez, Raphaël, Vermeer or Millet.

The Carrières de Lumières is illuminated by its enigmatic paintings in their new immersive exhibition to be found now !

Dali Carrieres de Lumiere