Les Jardins de Baracane
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Where are the Baux de Provence ?

In the middle of the stunning Alpilles, les Baux de Provence are close to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and Maussane. This is a hilltop place famous for its castle, its olive fields as well as the fabulous Cariières de Lumières.

The Carrières de Lumieres welcome you in a very strange place : a quarry which found a new function after the stone started not to be a most sought after material. In the 1960s, the quarry found a new function thanks to the visionary genius of Jean Cocteau.  Entranced by the beauty of the place and the surrounding environment, he decided to film The Testament of Orpheus on the site.

The site was further transformed through the creation of a new project inspired by the ideas of Joseph Svoboda, one of the greatest scenographers of the second half of the 20th century. This project was designed to enhance the space: it was decided that the huge rock walls of the quarry would form the backdrop for a new and unique sound and light show that would completely immerse the viewer. For over 30 years, the quarry has been hosting audio-visual performances of this kind.

The Carrières de Lumières will give us a glimpse into the fascinating worlds of three 16th-century Old Masters who strove to depict life, its movement, and all the duality of a world which fluctuates between good and evil.

This amazing place, a former quarry converted into a discovery centre, will be hosting an immersive exhibition – and you are invited to attend.

Between 4 March 2017 and 7 January 2018, works by the 16th-century artists Bosch, Breughel and Arcimboldo will be projected on its huge walls.

A not-to-be-missed experience in Les Baux de Provence, in the Alpilles hills.