Les Jardins de Baracane
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Le Château La Coste, a place to visit in Provence

“Surrounded By You” exhibition at Château La Coste

Le Puy Sainte Réparade

The Château La Coste is a stunning place where art meets nature and wine.

From July 2nd to September 3rd, Tracey Emin has chosen to exhibit his paintings from the last ten years. It is a great opportunity to discover her work inspired by her personal story.

She is a painter but also uses othe medias to expresse herself.

“Surrounded by you” will give you a chance to wander also in the open air scupltures park and to taste the property wines in the Jean Nouvel wine cellar.

Le Château La Coste, an Irish family noble task

Far from the humid lands of his native Ireland, far from busy cities as London or Paris in which he was doing business, Patrick Mc Killen fell in love with Provence a long time ago. He there discovered on the hills around the Aix en Provence countryside, the vineyard he was dreaming of. He thus decided to buy it and to make wine ! What a challenge knowing that he was a business man and an art collector ! What a great idea to gather all his passions in an audacious project : wine, art, architecture…

Château La Coste is a vineyard where Wine, Art & Architecture live in harmony. Artists and architects were invited to visit the Domain and discover the beauty of Provence. In turn, they were encouraged to choose a place in the landscape that spoke directly to them and were given the freedom to create a work that would live there. Château La Coste will continue to evolve as new projects and installations are developed.

Walk at your leisure through wooded hilltops and valleys, alongside olive groves and vine fields, discovering the many installations of contemporary art on your way.

After a few years, the Château La Coste already collects exceptional records : five Pritzker prizes  and incredible artists have settled some of their works : Jean Nouvel wine cellar, Tadao Ando buildings such as the contemporary art library building, Franck Gehry and the pavilion de musique moved from the Serpentine Gallery of London, sculptures of Alexandre Calder, spider of Louise Bourgeois, Sean Scully and his 3D giant, Richard Serra who cuts the ground with three large iron pieces and the red glass of Jean-Michel Othoniel.

Les Jardins de Baracane in Avignon is a great star location. From your B&B in the pope city, you will be able to visit touristic places, patrimonial sites, to live cultural moments experiences and create memories. Around Avignon and Provence, there is so much to do.

Le Château La Coste – 2750 route De la Cride – 13610 Le Puy Sainte Réparade